General Water of China Changping Company Begins to Undertake Medical Wastewater Treatment for Xiaotangshan Hospital

Source:     Date: 2020-03-19

The leading group of epidemic prevention and control of Beijing Municipal Government decided to officially open Xiaotangshan Hospital on March 16 to receive and treat suspected cases and mild and ordinary confirmed patients of COVID-19 returning from abroad to Beijing. It is estimated that the hospital wastewater may reach 700 tons each day. 

The Changping Company of General Water of China Co., Ltd. under CECEP actively responded to the call of the municipal government and held a meeting of the epidemic prevention and control leading group on March 17 to make arrangements for enhanced work of Xiaotangshan Reclaimed Water Plant in epidemic prevention and control.

As of March 18, Changping Company had formulated emergency disposal plans and response measures, and all epidemic prevention and control materials had been put in place at Xiaotangshan Reclaimed Water Plant. Currently, daily production and operation and detection of residual chlorine in water are proceeding smoothly, and staff workers and laboratory personnel are required to wear protective clothing, goggles, masks and gloves while working. The water plant now treats an average flow of 23,900 tons per day, and the water quality remains stable, up to the discharge standards.


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